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Journalism as my hobby :Dr.Dinesh,PGDMC(Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication),Symbiosis,Pune

Free rural Dental & Medical Camp conducted by Rotary club of Port Blair at TCI Clinic, Burmanallh village.

A free rural dental & medical camp was organized by Rotary club of Port Blair, District 3291, on 10/10/10 wherein Rtn. Dr. Dinesh, Dental Surgeon, along with Dr.Poonam Arora , Dental Surgeon and Dr.Bhatia, General Physician of TCI conducted the camp.

The camp evoked good response from the people of the surrounding areas in spite of the heavy showers and a total of 153 cases were attended to using disposable dental diagnostic kits. Overall 22 tooth extractions were done at the camp and free medicines, tooth brushes, tooth pastes were distributed to all the patients. One Oral Submucous fibrosis case was seen, and proper guidance was given to the patients to stop paan chewing habits and to have periodic check up. Patients were given demonstrations so to educate the importance of oral hygiene. Rtn. Anil Goel President, Rtn. Kaushik Banerjee , Secretary along with other members of the Rotary Club of Port Blair and the members of inner wheel club of Port Blair were present in large numbers to oversee the successful conduct of the camp. Rtn.Kaushik of TCI, was also present to see all arrangements for the smooth functioning of the camp. Rotary Club of Port Blair has plans to conduct more such camps in the future on different rural areas of South Andaman.

Pathetic condition of All India Radio, Port Blair-are we waiting for disaster?
All India Radio Port Blair is the lifeline of people of Port Blair and especially people living in northern and southern group of islands, as the newspapers takes weeks to reach there, now the All India Radio Port Blair’s 100 KW transmission tower fell down, now they are using an L-antennae as a standby which is outdated as a back up, two years ago this same antennae fell down, now the All India Radio port Blair is running on 10 KW power, the reception is not at all audible say within a radius of 5kms.There are three AC plants and now only one is running. There are 2 DG sets for transmission and only one is running, anytime there may be breakdown. All India Radio, Port Blair transmission time is about 13 hours. The major programmes are in Hindi only they have 2 programme executives, There are no programme executive for Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam,and Bengali, since 7yrs . The Nicobari progrmme executive retired about 2 yrs back, till now it is lying vacant. There are no regular announcer the casual announcer are managing the whole show, there is no none to supervise the authenticity of the announcer without the regular programme executives. There are 3 Assistant directors post, but lying vacant since 10yrs and the Station Directors post is lying vacant since 5yrs.If any disaster strucks all the communication(telephone) will come to a grinding halt, that time only All India Radio can help the people, like they did a commendable service during tsunami wherein they have handled around 10,000 plus calls to locate the relatives. All India Radio and HAM radio will be the only vital link to Andaman & Nicobar administration and the centre(Delhi), when all communication networks fail. In view of the above satellite phones should be provided by the administration to All India Radio staff, Port Blair. There is no dearth of funds I suppose, if at all, some funds should be diverted either from disaster management department or from the administration and immediately take a serious note of the situation and save the gasping All India Radio, before the next disaster strucks. The Chief Secretary or the Lt. Governor should pay a visit to the station to feel the pulse and rectify the ground realities.-Published in Light of Andamans

Is Global recession or economic meltdown hitting Medium Wave?
Published in Light of Andaman
Broadcasting is the most powerful medium of mass communication. All India Radio is the largest network in the world that covers 90% population. One of the main objectives is to reach the rural, tribal and also people living in far flung islands. The importance of All India Radio, Port Blair as a medium to inform, educate and entertain the masses needs no emphasis in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, whether it is inter island sailing schedule announcements or weather report of cyclone or warning of tsunami etc. As a public service broadcaster AIR should continue to contribute to the national building process and socio-economic and cultural development of the nation. FM services and induction of digital technology should be introduced formally for A & N Islands, as there is no entertainment, especially for inter island habitants, they have only one choice to listen to AIR to get the latest news & programmes instantly. AIR Port Blair should come up with new ventures, which should keep the audience entertained, there is no appreciable change in the programs since decades. Intellectual people from from govt and private should be invited to be a part of good interactive programes, instead of replaying the same old programme again and again. Well qualified and experienced staff should be inducted through proper recruitment, which will again bring quality.
All India radio Port Blair station should be modernised and digitalization of existing network. Digitalisation of programme production facilities , uplink & downlink facilities to ensure good quality convergence-ready content, which will also support interactive radio. Digitalization of transmitters Computer Hard Disc based recording, editing and playback system. AIR port Blair should have digital equipment & Compterised Hard Disc Based work stations for recording , dubbing , editing & playback facilities etc. AIR News –on-Phone Service: This is an interactive service of AIR through which the listeners can listen AIR’s News highlights on telephone in Hindi and English by just dialing a specific telephone number at any time Through the Interactive Radio Service, listeners can interact with the presenter of the programme instantly, but this has been withdrawn, is it due to lack of funds, There is no Station Director and the station is headless, for so many months, there is no decision making authority, though AIR port Blair had done a commendable job when Tsunami engulfed the entire island, an unbelievable 10,000 plus calls were attended and the staffs worked for almost 18 hrs a day to locate the missing persons, AIR Port Blair should be given satellite phones, to communicate in the wake of disaster, installations of DG sets as standby power supply, will help in reviving the station. So why step motherly treatment for All India radio Port Blair in the competitive arena of FM radios.